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Related post: Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 16:44:04 -0400 From: ron Subject: return of teh king chapter 06Do not own, JK Rowling does I am just playing with her characters and world for a bit Anything not recognized as JKR's is mine Chapter 6 After walking through the portal they found them selves atop the inner ring defensive wall facing the city in all its splendor. "Welcome to Toria, the only magical city with active offensive wards, thanks to Elven battle magic." Remus proudly told them. "It's beautiful." Bill said in awe looking over the city as the last rays of the sun washed over it as it set streetlights coming on all over the city. The twins less vocal then their brother nevertheless agreed with him. Being the shrewd businessmen they were they noticed right away as Commerce Street lit up for the night. From their vantage point they saw only two of the building had signs out front, Gringotts and Ollivander's. "Oi! Bill, you don't have far to walk to get to work tomorrow." Fred and George said in unison pointing out the large marble building a few hundred feet xxx passwords free pedo from where they were standing. Bill mumbling under his breath "He even has his own branch of Gringotts here." Standing behind his young friend Remus told him. "No Bill that is the Headquarters Branch of Gringotts, Harry lifted the enchantment pedo naked little girls on the building releasing the lobby and front doors. That set of enchantments is why the high management is so secure, their offices were never actually in London." "All well and good, but your pretty city out there won't look as nice after a bunch of death eaters go rampaging through it." Mad-Eye added. Chuckling Remus said. "Oh I hope they do try. After tomorrow when Ar'Ron keys the friend or foe wards to the dark mark I pity those who try to enter the city or surroundings." Seeing the look of disbelief on Mad-Eyes face He explained. "The wards determine if any one entering is friend or foe by whichever the wards were keyed for the magical signature of the being. If it is litle teen pedo porno determined they are in fact foe the Offensive wards take over. There are three possibilities, they could be captured in an energy field for retrieval, they could be stunned and transported to holding cells, or lastly Harry's personal favorite, upon detection they could be incinerated." Breaking out into full blown movie pedofilia Laughter Mad-Eye told them. "I like the way the lad thinks." "I have saved the best for last, turn around." Remus told them. "No way" said Fred."Wicked" George added."Very wicked brother mine" Fred huffed."Harry really lives..." asked George."In that Castle?" pointed out Fred."It is way bigger than Hogwarts." Together they said. Chuckling at the twin speaking Kingsley announced. "I don't care what it takes I want a job working here." "To bad I am so banged up, I'd join you." replied Alastor. "Were going to take a little short cut up to the castle, I hope you don't mind missing a half hour jaunt." Remus said to the group chuckles. Remus led the group a short distance away to a set of steps leading down into a room in the middle of the wall with a flat silver stone on the floor. Walking over to a flat mirrored panel on a raised pedestal, Remus traced several runes on the mirror and channeled some magic into it causing the silver stone to glow softly. " Ok folks, the way this transport stone works is as you walk across it you will find yourself walking off of the twin to this stone up at the castle." Remus explained. Before he was truly finished the twins rushed past everyone running across the stone disappearing when the reached the center. "What do they think this is a refreshment tour?" Remus managed to get out between laughs at the antics of the twins. "Can't let those two get the better of us, forget that can't let them get enough of a lead on us to be able to set pranks." Bill said walking quickly over the stone. Looking at each other with a wicked gleam in their eyes Kingsley and Mad-eye walked across the stone followed by Remus. Arriving at the transport room Remus caught the quickly moving form of Bill as he chased after the twins yelling out not to prank anyone. Remus and the two Aurors followed the Weasley's out into the great hall, to find them standing in the middle of t chat pedo photo the hall with the twin's heads bouncing back and forth as they took in the sight. "Winky, can you come here please." Remus called out. A few seconds later a popping sound could be heard, as Winky appeared in front of Remus. "Sir is home." said a smiling Winky as she curtsied. 'Hmm someone must be teaching her proper court etiquette' Remus thought. "Yes Winky could you go and tell Harry and Ar'Ron we have guests that need clearance please." Winky nodded and snapping her fingers popped out. "This place is..." George said"Way wicked" Fred added."This place is..." George commented."Way bigger than Hogwarts" Fred finished."Where are..." George asked."We Remus..." Fred finished. Both of the twins looking intently at Remus waiting for an answer. "Over to you right, those large doors are the main doors into the castle." Waving his hand around the room, "And this is the main entry hall, anyone having business within the city would enter here and depending on where they needed to go, determines which hallway or set of steps they take." Remus explained. "Mad-Eye, Kingsley that spiral staircase over there," Remus pointed to the corner. Leads to the guard command center and training hall, After the first hires, Harry plans to train up his own forces not import them." "That's my job" growled out Alastor with a wicked smile. "Remus can show you around the guard facilities tomorrow after breakfast, Dargoth and the other half's of the command teams should be here around 9:00 a.m." Ar'Ron said entering the hall. "And you two, if you close up your pedo pedo land free shop for a long lunch, you can accompany Harry down to Commerce Street, as he keys the call." As everyone turned towards the voice, Remus said. "I thought we were going to wait until the end of next week before keying the call?" Remus asked. "Unfortunately matters have spiraled out of control. Reports from the ministry show that it is in total chaos over there. Good thing Voldermort will be in a coma for two months, or we would have a fight on our hands and we would be at the disadvantage." Ar'Ron replied. As they were talking a desk appeared by the wall under the Potter Family Crest, and a map of the castle's administrative sections drew itself on the wall behind the desk. "We asked Dobby to get together with the Hogwarts House Elf's and move the records and such from the ministry to here. By morning the whole British Magical Government will be based out of the castle." Ar'Ron explained to the group. Minky chose that moment to pop in. "Majesty, council chambers cleaned and ready. Whole third floor too." "Thank you Minky, you can be proud of the excellent job you have done." Ar'Ron told the beaming elf. "I can see you all have questions, but why don't we go to the family wing and relax and hopefully you will have your answers." Ar'Ron told them as he turned and walked down the hallway next to the suit of armor. A short distance down the hall they found themselves at a set of steps going up into the tower. Mad-Eye ever one to be aware of security; "This is not the best place to have the entrance to the family wing so close to the everyday common halls." Smiling Ar'Ron replied. "That would be true if these stairs did not end at the astronomy tower with no other pedo child porn pictures landings in between. Notice anything about the fifth step?" He asked. Alastor, using his magical eye noticed the shimmer of magic around the silver step. Then it hit him the transport stone was silver and shimmered in the same way. "Looks like another one of those transport stones." "Very good, unlike the one you used, this one requires a key to be present on the person, otherwise you could walk on it all you want and you would only sex pedo underground pictures go up to the tower." Ar'Ron smiled Opening the box he had in his hand, He handed each of them a silver striped acorn. "Keep this somewhere on you at all times, it will allow you to travel to the family wing and up onto the second floor, the second floor only mind you, of the living quarters." After the explanation Ar'Ron walked up the stairs vanishing when he reached the fifth step. Looking at where Ar'Ron had vanished Alastor took off his wooden leg and opened a secret compartment and placed the acorn inside it before re-attaching his leg pedo pics ilegal and clumping up the stairs. The others pocketed their acorns and followed Remus up the stairs. Only to stop when they reached the landing and saw through the arch the entry into Natures Palace. Ushering them in Ar'Ron welcomed them into his home. At their confused looks he explained that the Palace was the ruling center of the true Elves, and how he linked his palace with Potter Castle. "The guest rooms are up the left steps, there is enough room to house every Hogwarts student in their own room. The right steps next to the Fairy Oak lead to the pedophilia clips private family wing any non family members can not enter, if they try once they reach the second floor landing they would find themselves in a holding cell. The acorns you were given allow you access to the second floor covering the common areas, family dining area, infirmary and such. After we have talked and had your questions answered as pedo boy photos best as they can be, rooms have been set aside in the guest wing for your use and you can choose to eat in your room or join us at the family table for breakfast." Ar'Ron explained to them. Climbing the steps around the pedo young child nude Fairy Oak he led them into the large common room. Telling them to sit and be comfortable he called out for Holly. Popping into the room Holly did her best to curtsey. "Majesty calls his Holly." "You are looking much better Holly. If you could get with Winky and Minky to bring us a light meal, sandwiches and some snacks and some butterbeers for the guests and I will have a half split of the concord wine." Harry chose that moment to walk out of the infirmary, seeing the flushed tired look he added. "Better make that the whole bottle and several glasses." Narcissa hearing the voices coming through the door that she had left open, quickly went downstairs. Reaching the common room she went over to where Harry and Ar'Ron were sitting and asked. "Is he alright, did it go ok?" Answering the frantic mother, "He's fine. He came through the cleansing without a problem, in a few days his magic should be back up to normal. I did however erase the memory of the procedure. I do not want him to remember the pain he had to go through or the fight with Franklin as he tried to reassert control. All that matters is that the link is broken and that bastard is nursing one bloody hell of a magical backlash when I threw him out.I also inscribed a rune of mind protection that will make him impervious to the Imperious Curse and will occlude his mind from any type of mental attack." Ar'Ron assured a worried Narcissa she could take a quick peek when he went and checked him for the night. Holly popped back in and served the drinks, setting the bottle of wine down by Harry. Snapping her fingers a couple of long sofa tables appeared loaded down with all types of sandwiches and snacks. Then she popped out after being thanked. After everyone had loaded up there plates and sat down and started to relax, even Alastor for the first time in any ones memory ate and drank food prepared out of his sight. Harry decided to start off. "Remus I was a little worried about you not having back up tonight so I had Dobby follow you to the order meeting tonight. He hid in one of the kitchen broom cupboards, so he told us of the high points of the meeting. He also stayed long enough that he caught the headmaster coming back and follow you to the library where he attempted to get in but could not get past your shield. Dobby came back when he left." The others were a little disturbed by this news. Alastor said to Harry. "I can get you the twenty-five people you want by Saturday, good experienced people. Not afraid to fight pedo bilder free dirty if needed. Most were forcibly retired by Fudge after Voldermort's down fall the first time." "Also I want in. Now I know my limitations and I cannot work the field any longer, but I think I will best be suited as one of your instructors when you set up your training academy." Alastor proposed to Harry. Nodding his head, Harry had heard from people he respected that Mad-Eye was one of the best out there, and the only reason he was retired was due to the fact he was opposed the ban on the practice of dark arts, he felt it handicapped the Aurors to much. "I am glad to hear it Mad-Eye, your hired, 70 galleons a week to start. You will russian teens pedo be sharing duties with a goblin and an elf." Sighing Harry sipped his wine. "From the records I have read in the Potter journals, Wizarding kind should be one hundred times more powerful than they are today. I found the reason in the Journal by Robert Potter, seems the ministry feared for their power base if the council ever was resumed, so they went on a spree to eradicate as much knowledge as they could. In the process they decided why not dumb down the people; make it easier to control them.That is what is going to make your job harder. For the most part until the first class graduates you are going to be one step ahead of your students. It will be a hard job, but in the end the guard forces will be the best wizards or goblins have to offer.Are you sure you still want the job." Harry asked. "Where do I sign? And call me Alastor" An eager Alastor asked. Ar'Ron looked at the new trainee instructor thoughtfully. "I think it would be in our best interest to give you permanent access to the second floor family wing of the palace. I will take care of that tomorrow.We will want you to handle vetting ministry employee's tomorrow and Saturday. We want you to weed out any informers or Voldermort supporters. We will give you a truth stone to use, and those that pass you can give them a ring that will allow them to use a transport stone in the ministry that will bring them to the apparition point in Commerce Ally for now." Ar'Ron added. Kingsley seeing that Harry was looking at him questioningly he thought he should make his intentions known. "Harry when I heard that you were looking for people, I wanted to petite sex pedo come over with the others and make my case to be hired." Thinking back to the times he had seen Kingsley fight death eaters and hearing tales and how he was a team squad leader. Harry said. "I have seen you fight and know that you are pretty good, the only question I have is if you can work side by side with a goblin?" "I will have no problems with that and I don't think the goblins have any problem with me either." Kingsley said. "Ok then, I have a job I think you would be perfect for. Though it is hard work, what with all the scheduling of teams, setting up training sessions to get them up to speed, at least in the beginning, how to use Runic spell blocks. The laws are slightly different from what you are used to, I found a copy of the laws of the times back when the city was occupied, and I think they were good ones, so those are the ones the guards will follow.All in all it would be a challenge being a command team member, are you interested." Harry asked with a sly smile on his face, as he watched the excitement build on the Aurors face. "Are you kidding of course I am interested. I can give notice tomorrow and start immediately." Kingsley said. Thinking who would be the best fit to partner him with Harry decided it would be Dargoth. "Fine, starting pay is ninety galleons a week and you will be working the day shift with Dargoth as your partner. The day shift is the lead command team and will oversee the other teams if needed." Ar'Ron was very glad to see Harry start to settle into the swing of things by making decisions for himself. Since he had decided on the moving of the government to the castle he thought of one more thing. Reaching around preeteen nude pedo he pulled off one of his belt cases, opening it there was one very large gray block with a white line down the center. "Which one of you two can get down to the veil room tomorrow?" Ar'Ron asked the guard instructor and commander. "Either of us can get there, but I probably will have more time, seeing as Alastor will be vetting ministry workers." Kingsley said. Handing over the case Ar'Ron explained how to use the block. "I want you to go to the veil room and place this block on the inside of the doorframe. Make sure you do it from the outside, so you are not trapped in the room. To charge the block you need to hold it in your wand hand and channel your magic into it until it glows brightly, with this one wait until the white line glows bright enough to hurt your eyes when you look at it. It will activate once it touches the doorframe." Seeing the lost look on his soul mates face Ar'Ron pulled Harry over into a loose embrace. "I have a hunch that that abomination is not as inactive as everyone thinks. This will make sure no one else is thrown into the damn thing." After a few more moments of silence Harry looked over at Bill sitting on the couch opposite of him. "Bill, are you looking for a job too?" "Oh, no I am happy working for Gringotts, I wanted to come over and tell you to your face that I am having no part of Dumbledore and the order, and all you have to do is ask and pedophilia sex videos free I will be there for you." Bill told Harry Fred spoke up alone which shocked everyone, pedo home pics as they never talked except in twin speak. "Harry, we want you to know that we are behind you one hundred percent, partner of ours." "Is there anything else that needs to be brought up before we head off to bed? " Ar'Ron asked. Remus cleared his throat. "I ended up inviting Trazthorn and his crew, the ones that did all the work on Grimmauld place, to lunch on Tuesday. I had tried to give them some galleons as a bonus for their quick work, but they refused. But when I offered them lunch with us instead they practically threw themselves down at my feet.I have a feeling that being invited to lunch at the castle has become a status symbol among the goblin management." Remus finished. "We probably should have over the Governors of Gringotts then. And to make sure they are not slighted in matters of honor, they should be the only goblins we invite at dinner time." Ar'Ron said, seeing the nod of agreement from Harry. "Sunday night then; we can pass along the invite tomorrow when we go to Gringotts to meet with Snape." Ar'Ron thinking on schedule's for tomorrow. "Remus, are you doing anything in the morning?" he asked. "Nothing that can't wait until the afternoon, what do you need done?" Asked Remus back "Nothing much but could you pop over to Japan and pick up some house elf's young enough for the bonding of Impare'? Make sure two of them a culinary trained in Japanese cuisine, and if there are a couple farmer trained to help out, take Thorny with you." "And Dobby, he has the household money pouch anyways." Harry added. "See if he can find any that would be a good fit for the protectors own." Seeing the looks of mass confusion Harry called for Dobby so the Impare' could explain Dobby popped in and grew excited when he heard his sir wanted him to explain to other wizards his plan. "Dobby is reading book. Book is having Majesty who is protector of peoples. Majesty has guards and all for city. But he has secret protectors own to protect protector." Alastor smiled and chuckled at the thought. "Good idea that Dobby has. No one would ever suspect a pedo sex gallery house elf of being a guard, not only that they blend in as everyone refuses to see them. I like it." "Anything else?" Ar'Ron asked. Sighing Harry said. "I am so going to hate myself for saying this. But I think the Wizarding world needs to 13 14 yo pedo be thrown a lifeline, before the chaos gets any worse. I think that the Council of Twelve needs a formal introduction." Ar'Ron squeezed Harry in encouragement. Leaning forward a little so he could see "Narcissa." Surprised to be included in the conversation she responded very formally. "Yes my Lord, How may I serve?" Harry started a quiet pleading rant. "Harry, just call me Harry, at least in the family wing. I need a place to be just me not some lord this, lord that or the bloody boy who lived." Ar'Ron pulled Harry in tighter and placed a small kiss on the side of the face to calm Him down. "Sorry, at times it just gets a little to much." Harry said softly. As much as her upbringing told her it was wrong. This was a request from her Lord, so how pedo hardcore 8 could she not honor it, "If that is your wish Harry." "Thank you; I was wondering if you had any experience planning big events?" Harry asked. "Would you like me to take over planning the ball then?" Narcissa asked excited at the prospect "Would you?" Harry asked with pleading eyes. "Oh yes it is the least I could do, I do so love planning parties. What day shall I plan for and do you want it to be a luncheon or dinner event?" Narcissa said with a fanatical gleam in her eyes. Not sure he liked that gleam Harry answered. "August first and Dinner I think." Seeing the look on her face he decided, nope, did not like it at all. Looking over at Remus and Alastor talking to Dobby, Remus and Bill chatting and the twins watching him with glee, Harry wondered what he had let himself in for. Seeing Sage in the open door to the infirmary Ar'Ron got up and told the rest of the group. " I am going to take one last look in on Draco to see how he is doing before going to bed, Dobby can take you lot over to your rooms when you are ready." Saying good night Harry got up to Follow Ar'Ron into the infirmary with Narcissa right behind him. Seeing Sage whispering into Ar'Ron's ear as he stopped, Harry turned to Narcissa. "Would you give us a minute before you enter? I want to make sure Draco did not toss the sheet off. I do not want him embarrassed knowing that his mother got to see his sensitive bits, even if he is asleep." Walking in he whispered to Ar'Ron what he told Draco's mother, noticing the blond tossing and turning slightly. "Help me a minute would you Mel'Anin? Hold him up on his side while I put some cream on his back." Ar'Ron asked. As soon as Harry touched the young man he settled down; while Ar'Ron was applying the cream that Sage had brought in, he thought back to earlier in the day when Ar'Ron inscribed the runes of mind protection on Draco. "Well that's done, might be a better idea to inscribe the runes now while he is out of it." Ar'Ron said "You stay sitting there on ilegal pedo site the bed and I will turn him around so he is sitting in front of you. You can then support him as he leans back into you." Ar'Ron said. Slowly taking the naked young man from the kneeling position that Harry was holding him in, so he had access to his back, pulling Draco to the side so his legs that were once under him where now free and to the side with Harry's help they turned Draco so his legs were stretched out in front of him and his butt was on the bed in front of Harry's crotch as kiddy naked pedo his nude form was leaning back onto his chest and his head was cradled by his neck. Harry noticed Draco's semi erect penis slick with fluid slowly start to rise and felt him self stir also. With nothing else to do, as he could not see to watch Ar'Ron inscribe the runes, Harry watched with fascination as Draco became engorged. He decided it had a nice shape to it and a descent size. He could not help himself but to rub the young mans stomach in a soothing manor. He was drawn out of his thoughts as he felt Draco's body stiffen and looking down he watched as he shot seven times with some going as far as his chin with the force of his orgasm. Absentmindedly rubbing the cum into Draco's skin Harry commented. "First Remus and now Draco, is there something about this type of magic that turns people on." "Yes well, as you will find out yourself when you have finished learning Runic spells and start inscribing runes your self, that the touching of Elvish magic to the magical core of a wizard is very erotic and that is the result; though it does look like he shot a nice amount." Ar'Ron answered. The sound of Narcissa asking how Draco was doing broke Harry out of young girls pedo his memories and back into the here and now. "He will be fine, his magical core is connected nicely and by tomorrow afternoon after lunch he should be free to go on up to his rooms. He was a little restless when I came in, but another coat of skin regeneration cream and he settled right down." Ar'Ron told her. "I will spend the night, just in case porno sexo nudes pedofilia he needs anything." Harry said. "We can take turns Mel'Anin, there are after all plenty of beds" said pedo pics japanese the chuckling Ar'Ron. After leaning down and giving her son a kiss on the forehead she bid them a goodnight, and returned to her rooms. Sitting down next to the bed Harry took out a piece of parchment to write a quick note. Taking the quill and dipping it in the ink Harry quickly wrote a note to Bill's boss at Gringotts asking him to have some one waiting in the lobby of the headquarters branch to show bill the way to more familiar surroundings as he was staying at the castle at the moment. He then attached a short note asking for the first one of his managers that retrieved the note to pass it on. Rolling the parchment into a scroll he took the communications box from his belt, un-shrinking it he placed the scroll inside for transport. Shrinking the box and putting it back on his belt he then moved his attention to Draco.A very young Goblin page stood guard inside the office's of the Lord Potter. His only job was to watch the strange little box on the table and notify whichever family manager was on duty if it started to glow. He was shocked to see the box glow indicating it had been activated. Quickly writing a note to summon the manager on duty, he put it in the specially charmed basket on the long oval table watching it disappear.Breakfast was not for another hour But Remus had decided to get an early start, walking down the steps and across chil pedo porno the common room into the family dining room he was surprised to see Kingsley and Mad-Eye hard at work, parchment taking up most of the table. Making his presence known, "Merlin how many trees had to die for this mess." Remus chuckled. Seeing he had the two's attention. "Did you even go to bed and sleep last night?" Remus asked as he poured himself a cup of tea. "Course we did." Kingsley said then pointing over his shoulder towards Mad-Eye. "Though this one decided that we had wasted enough time laying down on the job and we needed to get a jump on the day." Laughing at the picture that came to mind of Mad-Eye pounding on Kingsley's door cursing up a storm, he noticed that they were wearing their new uniforms. Mad-Eye Growled out in annoyance as he fussed with his uniform, "Take a mans clothes. pedo free kids xxx I feel naked without my robe." Walking in Ar'Ron commented. "I think you will like this uniform Alastor. This is Elven battle issue. The more spells that hit it the more powerful its protections become, it will even stop the killing curse from killing you, as long as it does not hit your skin." Mad-Eye stopped tugging on the clothes long enough to give them an appraising look Pouring himself some juice Ar'Ron sat down, pointing at the piles on the table. "Is there some order in that chaos?" Chuckling Kingsley said "I am a neat everything in its place person, while Alastor is a everything in its own pile person, you can tell who is winning." Grumbling about traitors under his breath Alastor pulled a sheet of parchment out of one little pedo girlies of the pile and passed it over. "These are the people we feel would be worth sounding out for the guard positions. The top three names are the ones that we feel are best of the best and Harry should consider them for the two open command positions. This stack is letter ready to be owled setting up a meeting time." Scanning the list he noticed thirty names on it. Calling for Dobby, he summoned a ring with the crest of the Torian Guard Training Academy on it, and waved his hand, and the ring hovered above the stack Alastor mentioned and as they rolled themselves up and sealed themselves the ring would touch each scroll imprinting the training academy seal on it. A few moments after the last scroll was sealed Dobby popped in. "Majesty is calling for Dobby?" The Impare' asked. "Yes Dobby could you pop over to Hogwarts Owlery and post these for us, make sure you are not seen, then pop back when you are done." Ar'Ron asked of the little Impare'. "That ring is yours by the way Alastor that is the more permanent solution I talked about last night. It cannot be removed from your hand except in death or if your mind is not fully under your control. It is also the seal of your position." Ar'Ron said pointing at the two last stacks "What about that mess." "Different contingency plans for vetting ministry workers, questions to ask and such." Alastor replied. Walking in while Alastor was explaining his plans Harry added. "Why don't you question department heads and sub heads today, send them over to become familiar with their new offices and all the others after questioning can have a three day weekend." "Though I want to make it clear that all ministry employees will have to swear a blood oath of loyalty to the council and if they are working in this castle to Lord Potter." Said Harry eyes glowing in anger remembering his dealings with fudge and his lackey's "I think I can lighten those lists for you a little bit. Members of the Department of Mysteries, Unspeakables and Magical Law Enforcement will be staying in the old ministry building; they can split up the space. They can be checked out later." Ar'Ron told Alastor. "Taking that into account I can question everyone else by noon using one of your truth stones. What do you want done with those that don't pass?" Alastor pedo toplist girls asked. "As much as I am angered by the betrayal of Wizarding kind sponsored by the fools in the ministry, telling you to kill them, while making me feel safer, is probably not the best idea." Harry said, then thinking about it as he drank down some juice. "Memory charm them, give them false memories of being fired at least a week ago and port key them to their homes." "We were going to work out this morning; I need to work out some anger." Harry told Ar'Ron. "Sounds like a good idea." Standing up Ar'Ron summoned a box of green wood with two griffins rampant on the lid. "Alastor the rings I told you about are in here. They should be placed on the pinky." With that Harry and Ar'Ron left the room towards the dome gardens for their workout. Remus stood naked little pedo stars up putting his teacup down on the table. Reaching into his robe pocket placed the truth stone from last night on the table. "Here you go Mad-Eye this is the stone I used last night. Try not to have too much fun today." He said motioning for the broad shouldered Impare' to follow him out. He told Thorny to find Dobby and to meet him downstairs in fifteen minutes so they could leave. Deciding he could spare a minute Remus walked yong girls pedo into the infirmary to check on how Draco was doing. Seeing the young blond sitting on the window seat he schoolgirls pedofilia walked over and sat down against the opposite wall. "Good morning Draco how are you feeling this morning?" Remus asked as he looked him over. Looking away from the window Draco said. "Good morning Professor. I am still a little weak, but I am able to use my magic again." "I am glad to hear that, but you can call me Remus you know. I have not been your Professor for two years." With a small smile Draco told him. "I am not so sure about that, Harry mentioned something about you helping to bring me up to speed." Surprised, but yet pleased at the thought of teaching once again, Remus looked out the magical window, seeing two figures attacking each other. "Is that Harry down pedo child galery there?" "He said he was going to be working out before breakfast." Draco replied. " To bad we can't see them up close." After saying that the window shimmered and refocused on the two dueling as if they were right next to them. Narcissa walked in and noticed Remus and Draco sitting in front of the window. Walking over she embraced her son. "Good morning darling, how are you feeling this morning?" "Fine mother, I am feeling stronger as time goes bye." Draco replied. Somewhat confused over his mother's behavior Draco mentioned. "I have missed having you hug me." Strangely serene at the thought Narcissa explained. "Our new Lord while he might have to be stiff and formal outside the family wing, much prefers to relax and considers physical and verbal displays of affection to be a strength, unlike Lucius who considered it a weakness. After watching it in practice last night I much prefer the former and must agree that it is definitely a strength." Looking out the window for the first time, "Oh my Harry looks quite angry." Narcissa said in surprise. Remus sighed, "Looks like he found out about Hermoine's betrayal last night." "Silly girl, if she only knew about him being one of the Lords of the council." Narcissa said in mild disgust. Remus felt sickened by the thought of the lies. "She knew, she has known for several years, but being muggle born she had nothing but contempt for the council, much preferring the ministry which closely resembles the muggle government." Continuing Remus then shocked them both by saying. "Its one of the few things Harry agrees with purebloods on. Though I think his solution is ingenious." Draco webcam pedo porn sensing that he would learn more on how his Lord thinks, "Can you tell us, Remus?" Sighing Remus looked at his watch and seeing he had a couple of minutes left, "I will only be able to give you the high points, as I have an errand to run for Ar'Ron in Japan.Harry did some research and found out that most muggle born children are in fact born from Squib parents that have lost all knowledge of their family line. He also found out if the Squib free younger pedo parents were to live in a high magic environment like a magical village, all their children would be born magical.He plans to make all pic pedo porn parents of magical children move into magical communities and be taught our culture. All children would then be taught about the magical world from infancy.There is more of course like how the underage magical law results in loss of power overall in the child and more, your mother can fill in most of what I did not say." "I really have to be going now; I should be back in time for lunch I hope, if so, I will see you in the dinning room later." Remus said as he walked towards the door. Looking out the window again Draco saw Harry in the arms of Ar'Ron with tears running down his cheeks. "Granger, you don't realize what your betrayal means, but I fear you will not like finding out the consequences." Silently Narcissa agreed with her son's assessment. Then she was surprised when Draco asked the window if there were other views that he could change to. Choosing the scene of the beach, Draco relaxed back. "Mother can you tell me what Remus was talking about?" At that moment sage walked in and snapping her finger moved some of the beds out of the way and placed a long dining table with chairs in there place. "Young Sir can get answers after meal. Majesty and Prince say that breakfast to be served here so all family can hymen pedo pics eat together." Sage told them right before she popped out. "I wonder why the table is so big?" Draco wondered out loud. "Young Sir is asking why table so big? " Holly asked, then answering. "Tis Majesty and Princes order that all elf's and Impare' eats with the family at breakfast meal. So house needs and tasks be gone over." Soon The rest of pedo alpha fuck the partially bonded elf's and Impare' wandered into the room and took up there seats. A Few minutes later in walked a freshly showered Harry and Ar'Ron. When they sat down and greeted everyone the food appeared on the table.Arriving at the international port key point in the Japanese Ministry of Magic, Remus pulled out his notes with the directions to the house elf facilities. Hiro liked working the night shift as for the most part there was nothing to do. Startled out of his contemplations by the arrival of someone port keying in, He quickly drew his wand and ran towards the arrivals room. Seeing the western wizard and two creatures that looked like house elf's but were taller and had shorter ears. Not sure what they were he yelled out. "HALT, DO NOT MOVE." Hearing someone yell out, Remus looked up from his notes surprised to see a wand pointed in his direction. Dobby seeing the wand pointed at Remus drew him self up in battle mode. Snapping his fingers the guard's wand ended up in his hand. With another snap the guard was bound in chain and hovering upside down. Dobby then said, "Nasty wizard, point's wand at princes, Remus." Walking over so that Dobby's face was in front of the guards face he said. "Maybes Prince lets Dobby plays with nasty wizard." A little shocked yet amused at the antics of the overprotective Impare', Remus walked a little closer to see the guard was wearing the uniform of the Japanese Auror corps. "Not to be rude or anything but why where you ready to hex me?" Remus asked. Seeing the guards face going red, Remus asked Dobby to turn the guard right side up to better answer his questions. After being buy pedo porn righted Hiro said. "Excuse please, but I was not expecting any one to arrive at this time, you startled me. And when I saw your companions, I was not able to recognize them." "Dobby release him please, I don't think he means us any harm." Remus directed. "What are they, he acts like Samurai." Hiro said. Dobby's ears perked up and he got very excited bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. "Dobby read book bout Samurai" pleading with Remus. "Can we get Samurai Elf's? Harry Potter Sir be safe with Samurai in Protectors own." Hiro hearing Harry Potter being mentioned grew nervous, he did not have the diplomatic training that the day shift had. "Please is Potter-son coming?" Motioning for Dobby to return the guards wand buying him some time to think; what little he remembered about the Japanese culture was that they were very formal and precise in the speech. And adding son as an honorific to the last name meant something, but for the life of him he could not remember. Being very precise Remus answered. "Lord Potter had a previous engagement, so I was asked to come in his place. I am here to acquire the services of a culinary expert and procure the services of several house elf's." Hiro thought the whole situation was way above his station. Hearing Harry Potter called both a prince and identified as Lord Potter. Thinking back to his history lessons it slowly came to him that the ruling members of the Council of Twelve were called Lord. Oh Shun Tzu, he read in the paper the council once again ruled. That means he is a direct envoy... Nervously so as to not bring any more dishonor to himself, "Excuse please. Please follow so you may rest and freshen up from your journey, while I get someone more appropriate to help you." Hiro said. Leading the trio to the diplomatic lounge where refreshments where laid out, he pointed out the bathroom area and asked if they needed anything else? Remus told the guard that everything was more than satisfactory as he poured himself a glass of ice water. Hiro bowed while taking two steps backwards before standing up and turning and leaving the room. He quickly walked over to the mirror on the right wall a few feet from the door. Tapping his wand on it to activate, he quickly explained the situation and when he finished muttered a spell setting the mirror to repeat his explanation to whomever called the mirror at this location. Taking a deep breath he tapped his wand on the red cover under the mirror causing it to drop open exposing a large red button. This button had not been pushed in over three hundred years, not even when world war two broke out was it needed. With one last plea to those that had gone before, he pushed the button. Sighing Remus thought that any hope of a quick in and out trip with him making it back home for a late brunch had just gone out the window. "Dobby, Thorny looks like we may delayed slightly. To bad I did not eat breakfast early." He finished with a sigh. Thorny snapped his fingers and on the low table in front of the couch a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast with juice and bacon appeared. "Thorny comes prepared." The magical creatures Impare' said. Laughing Remus pointed at the two empty chairs and told the two to join him. Alarms starting ringing and red lights flashing throughout pedo childs galleries the Japanese Ministry of Magic signaling a diplomatic emergency. Chief of staff Nakamura had just started for the exit doors of the ministry building, to his horror the alarms started blaring, and he paled when he saw the red lights flashing and the low tone of the alarms. Forgetting his dignified pace shock pedosex he raced to his office to find out what was going on. The Japanese prime minister was enjoying a late afternoon cup of tea waiting for the dinner to be ready. It had been another fine day with nothing much to do. The fireplace across the room flared kid pedo sex pics to life, with the head of his chief of staff appearing in it. "Minister, sorry to disturb you at this late hour, but we have a situation that has the potential to become a disaster." Chief of Staff Nakamura said. He then proceeded to bring the Minister up to speed with events of twenty minutes ago. "Shiro, the guard on duty, said one of the little ones snapped food to the table and they are having their morning meal and discussing an upcoming banquet that the governors of Gringotts will be attending and whether or not they should pick up some Kobe beef for it while they are here." Nakamura told him rambling out useless facts in his nervousness. "Stand Back I am coming through." The Minister told him as he grabbed a pinch of Floo powder.Remus was just finishing up an enjoyable breakfast when the guard came in with a young man. The young man bowed deeply, holding the bow on his second time down. "The Minister and Chief of Staff ask your forgiveness for not being here to greet you personally and for any unpleasantness that occurred after your arrival." A Little relieved that he would not have to use his get out of trouble port key, it then sunk in that they would be lucky to get back in time for dinner "Mother do you know where Harry is? I was wondering if he could suggest something to read, he told me that the library here contained a copy of every tome ever written." Draco said with some excitement. Looking up from the press release she was working on Narcissa Replied. "I am not sure, I think I overheard something about dueling practice after he was finished at Gringotts this afternoon." She replied tapping her finger on her chin. Sage came in with a potion vial placing it in front of Draco she said. "Time for young Sirs potion, is last one." Taking the potion and drinking it down Draco commented. "I don't understand how they get it to taste so good." "Is an Elven potion" Sage replied. Thinking that surely Sage would know the whereabouts of Harry, he decided to take the chance. "Sage do you know where Harry is?" Draco asked. Sage answered. "Prince is in potions class. Elven potions class 1." trying to get her mouth around the unfamiliar words. Draco groaned. "Bloody hell I am stuck here when I could be learning something fun." "Lunch is in one hour. Can Sage bring pedo free pic naked young Sir something to read?" She asked. Perking up at the thought of being able to do something Draco asked if she could bring a copy of the book Harry was using in Potions class. Sage scrunched her face up in concentration and with a snap of her fingers a set of three large books appeared on the nightstand. Draco thanked Sage and watched her pop out. Picking up the first book he opened it up to see it written in a language he did not recognize, opening the others he found the same. Frustrated he sat there glaring at the books as if it was their fault he could not read them. Harry walked into the infirmary with a large box of potions that he had finished brewing a short time ago with Ar'Ron at his side. "Hello Draco ready to get out of here?" "Harry, Sage told me I was finished taking potions, as much as I enjoy the taste please tell me those are not for me?" Draco groaned seeing the box of potions. Laughing Harry replied. "Sorry to burst your bubble Draco but these are for the potion stores, unless that is you or I do something stupid." Draco smirked top100 pedo a smile as Sage popped in. Harry seeing Sage asked. "Could you put these in the stores under stasis spells please Sage." Sage nodded her head eager to please. Taking the box she started for the store room when she stopped by Draco's bed seeing the books spread out. "Did you Sir find books break boredom?" Sage asked The old Draco under control by his father would have screamed and raged and hit the little elf for giving him books he could not read. The newly freed Draco much like his younger self just sighed and told the little elf. "Thank you for getting me the books, young pedo sluts unfortunately they were written in a language I can not read." Horrified that she was not able to do her job properly, Sage looked dejected and remembering that she was not allowed to punish her self just said. "Sage is sorry young Sir Sage did not know." as she held up one of the books and tried to read the title. Seeing the totally dejected look on the little elf Draco told her. "I am not mad at you, you did not know, it's not your fault." Ar'Ron walked over to sit on the end of the bed picked up the book from Sage's hand, looking at the title and setting it down with the others he pulled the little house elf into a hug. "He's right you know Sage. You did nothing to be punished for as you did not do anything wrong. You had no idea Harry could read Elven, and I bet you just brought copies of the books Harry was reading without giving them a glance." Seeing the elf was happier he reminded her that she and Minky were to go through the binding that night at 9:30 p.m. Looking back at Draco Ar'Ron asked. "So Draco I see you have a love of potions." Waiting for the young man to nod he continued. "If you had to take your NEWTS today which subjects would you pass and which would you not be able to do well in?" Draco without needing to take a moment to think about it, "Outstanding in Potions, Exceeds in Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and DADA, the others need work." "I think you left out one outstanding, Care of Magical Creatures." Ar'Ron told him. "No way, do you know how much I struggled to get an Exceeds Expectations in that class. Unlike my father I have nothing against Hagrid, but he does choose creatures that are on the dangerous side." Draco said in disbelief.Chuckling Ar'Ron explained his reasoning's. "You see Draco, you are both right and wrong about Hagrid. Harry shared his memories with me and Remus filled me in also. Hagrid being part giant does not see things the way a normal non giant would, what to us would be a mortal wound, would be nothing but a scratch illegal pedo nudes to him. So he lacks perspective. The other thing is even though he is qualified as a beast master in COMAC he never did go through his OWLS, and has no idea of what level is expected out of fifth year students." "Merlin," Harry said in surprise. "He never did know so he teaches on his level, which is beyond NEWT level." Chuckling at the two young men's faces as the realization hit them; Ar'Ron sat there contemplating the young blond. "Harry I need for you to put on your Lord mask for a moment. I need to ask a couple of questions to Lord Black." Ar'Ron watched Harry's face as the mask slipped into place. Seeing Draco go from joyous to concerned in an instant he smiled at him in a reassuring way. "Do you want Draco to be schooled to his true potential?" Ar'Ron asked. Not sure where this was going Harry answered. "I do, I wish for him to be allowed to learn as much as he can." "Before I get into the plan I have come up with, as Lord Black I need for you to officially turn control of all matters involving Draco's schooling to me." Ar'Ron told him. Seeing the extreme confusion on both young men's faces and Narcissa's, Ar'Ron continued. "Under the old laws that are now back into effect Dumbledore could try to make trouble come September 1stNarcissa even though she is Draco's mother in the eyes of the law since you dissolved her marriage is considered as a teenager. Even though you sat her down and told her she is to consider herself an adult and act in her own interests, the old law considers the matter of her son differently. Which in this case works to our advantage as everyone else is used to playing out of the current rulebook, which is no longer valid, while we play out of the old one, which is now law. The imbeciles will be falling all over themselves trying to find out what is going on. Also due to the fact you are a Lord you become a legal adult in the Wizarding world, being a legal adult right now in the Elven world just adds to the chaos as far as wizards are concerned. In school you can not be Lord Potter owner of Hogwarts, but your guardian, me in this case can be regent and make sure your wishes are carried out. And as Lord Black you have the power to appoint a guardian for any of your vassals..." Ar'Ron was interrupted by Harry. "Because I am still a student as Lord Black I am curtailed, but I can appoint Draco a guardian now and bypass Dumbledore's attempts of manipulating me through him." Harry finished as the explanation came home. Looking at Draco before turning towards his soul mate, "I Lord Black appoint you Ar'Ron of Astarii Draco's full guardian in all matters." Harry told the group. "You realize I was only going after rights pertaining to schooling?" Ar'Ron asked him. " I know but as it hit me with what you were trying to do, I thought of a couple instances that it would be better for you to speak up for Draco's interests instead of Harry Potter the boy who lived schoolyard nemesis to Draco Malfoy." Harry said. "True, very true;" pulling Harry into a soft kiss across the foot of the bed. "Now that the spells and enchantments Dumbledore placed on you are gone, you are turning into one fine young man who I love deeply." Retuning his attention to Draco, Ar'Ron said. "Draco I want you to know fully what it would mean to have me as your guardian under the old laws. I would, with your wishes taken into consideration, have final say over your schooling. Also you would be an adult at seventeen, but under the old laws the year until your eighteenth birthday is considered an easing in period. So I would still be your guardian until you turn eighteen." Looking at Harry smiles of encouragement Draco answered that yes he more than approved of the choice of Guardianship. "Ok then you will be joining Harry in his summer lessons. You will have lessons in the morning with most afternoons free to work on private study, though you will spend from one to three in the afternoon on Monday and Thursday with the goblin I hire to oversee your estate learning business management.By the end of the summer you should know enough to be able to make informed decisions about your finances that I will either approve or tell you why not and the reasons behind my decision. By the summer between your seventeenth birthday and eighteenth birthday I expect you to be running your estate.I also want you to join Harry and I in our morning exorcize program. It will build endurance and you will learn skills in unarmed combat that will amaze you, especially when you start learning to channel your magic through your body to enhance those skills.Imagine losing your wand in a fight, right now you would be pretty helpless, but when I am finished with both of you, you will have learned to go ahead and fight hand to hand with your opponent and channel a stunner or more through skin contact with your hands.Pretty handy if I do say so myself, this is of course subject to change as you gain knowledge in the studies I set for you" said Ar'Ron as he finished his outline of the training. Changing the subject briefly he asked Draco for his opinion on the Malfoy manor. "Draco we will be at Gringotts after lunch to meet with a few people and Severus at 2:00 p.m. I should know more about your finances then but do you wish me to sell off the manor and contents?" Draco looked over at his mother and saw her nod her head ever so slightly. "I think so, after talking with mother, I think I want a fresh start. Too many bad memories and harsh feelings connected with the Malfoy name. To bad I can't get rid of being a Malfoy and take a new name, one not tarnished beyond redemption." Draco sighed. Looking at Ar'Ron for support and seeing him nod. "Draco there is a way; we can perform a ritual that would in essence change your magical core aligning it with a new family. THE good thing is that any Malfoy gifts would not be lost as those are genetic, but you would take on some new gifts of the adopting family. In the olden days this was done by the old families to expand magical gifts in the bloodline. If there were no daughters, sons would be exchanged and the ritual preformed thus adopting them and their gifts into the line." Harry explained. "Next week sometime we will sit down and talk about when we will do this. But as your Lord I have to tell you I will enjoy welcoming the newest Black to the family." Harry smiled. Standing up "Enough of the depressing stuff; how about a tour of your new home and your rooms are next to ours, I think you will enjoy them." Ar'Ron said. Draco jumped up off the bed and raced out the door into the common room. Chuckling at children pedo videos the pedo land fuck antics of the young blond Harry said. "Well I guess he told us." Following Draco out of the Infirmary they found him to be walking around the large common room looking inside each room as he passed it. Stopping in front of the only room that had doors, he slowly opened them and stepped inside. Following Harry spoke up. "Two galleons he freaks." "You're on." Ar'Ron replied. "What are the two of you talking about?" A confused Narcissa asked. "Draco just went into the family library." Harry told her as they walked into the wing. Disappointed that Draco was standing at the railing not moving, Harry walked up to him. "What do you think Draco?" He asked. Not hearing a response Harry turned and waved his hand in front of his face with no response. "Well I was not expecting this." Harry mumbled. Deciding the best way to snap Draco back to reality, smirking evilly, Harry focused his magic in his left hand till it glowed softly. Placing his hand on the back of Draco's exposed neck he said 'tyr' Laughing as Draco jumped off the ground with a scream. Ar'Ron whispered to Harry. "Mel'Anin o eisi masol sai kaer si cal os Aelor tarol" [You are starting to get the hang of Elvish casting.] Walking up to Draco and putting his arm across his shoulder Ar'Ron pointed out gallery sex pedo anal the different levels. "The first two levels have all known tomes on Wizarding magic ever written. The library is spelled to bring a copy here as soon as it is written. It will also magically correct any fallacies in the text, and point the reader to the correct information. The third level deals with magic from the differing races, with the final three dealing with Elvish magic. For now you can only access the first three levels of the library." "I am sure you will find plenty of time to explore to your hearts content." Ar'Ron said as he steered the blond out of the library. Leading Draco up the stairs into a small common area, "This is the third floor where the family rooms are. Your mother's rooms are down that hall through the rose arch, first door on the left. Your rooms are down the hall by the waterfall, last door on your right which is across the hall from Harry's office / study. The door at the end of the hall leads to the set of rooms Harry and I stay in. So you are right next door. The other three halls lead to empty single bedrooms and are set up for extended family for visits, so only a single room with bed and wardrobe." Ar'Ron explained. Pointing at the staircase pedophil under ground galeri next to the waterfall, "The fourth floor is the administrative section of the palace for the Elven realm. The fifth and sixth floors right now are storage but could be turned into anything needed." Ar'Ron finished. Holly popped in before they could go lead Draco to his rooms. Bowing she said. "Majesty strange elf showed up at castle. Brings boxes says belongs to Miss and Sir. Holly puts boxes in Miss and Sirs rooms. Strange elf says he belongs here now." "Did the strange elf give a name Holly?" Harry asked. "Calls himself Dinky he does." Holly answered back. Narcissa perked up at that. "That would be our house elf my Lord." She told them. Looking at Narcissa appraisingly for a few moments Ar'Ron told Holly to bring Dinky to pedo boy site the family dining room, as soon as they had shown Draco his rooms they would be down for lunch. While Ar'Ron talked with Narcissa and Holly; Harry walked down the hall with Draco. Stopping in front of the door five meters or so from his and Ar'Ron's bedroom. "These are your rooms Draco." Harry said as he opened the door. Walking in Draco noticed the nice size common area with two doors leading off on either side, a large magical window with window seat opposite of the door they were videos pedo sex standing in. Seeing the room was a mix of building and forest and larger than his bedroom back at the manor he had to ask. "Harry as soon as I got out of the pedo young sluts infirmary, its like some jungle has taken over the house, what gives?" Laughing Harry answered back. "Draco this is the Elven way of living in harmony with nature. I actually like it; you can work with Inky or Thistle to change out the plants to more suit your needs." Picking one of the red fruits off the vines around the window Harry held it out and said. "This is Elven Redfruit, very sweet and packs more caffeine in it than five cups of coffee, and very sweet and refreshing too." "Ar'Ron linked his Palace to the Potter Castle using pedo bestiality extremely advanced Elven magic. The family wing is actually in the Elven Palace, which is called Natures Palace." Pointing to the door on the right of the outer door, "That is your den, office and all around study complete with book cases and desk." Harry told him. Finishing the tour Harry opened the small little pedo French style doors to the bedroom. "Here is your bedroom and trust me when I say the prefects bathroom leaves much to be desired compared to the one in here. Wait until you try out the whirlpool / hot tub, the topsite pedo sex pics perfect way to relax stressed tired muscles after a long workout." Seeing the look on Draco's face pedofi xxx to be one of being overwhelmed, "Let's go join the others and get something to eat. Afterwards you can explore and unpack." Harry told him. Draco nodded his head in agreement and started to walk out of the room slightly dazed. Meeting up with the others they walked down the steps and entered the dining room. As Narcissa sat down she noticed Dinky standing in the corner looking lost and very fearful. Thinking back on when she was growing up and how by example she learned how to deal with house elf's, she then thought of the past couple of days and seeing how the house elf's were treated here as equals and how they went out of their way to serve and make those they served happy. Such devotion she thought they would even die to protect their masters, no not masters, those they willingly chose to serve, there was a difference. She found to her delight she much preferred the feeling of being chosen as worthy than being a master over another. "Dinky" Narcissa called out seeing the little elf jump hearing his name. "I am glad to see you." The little house elf was shocked and stepped halfway from where he was standing to his mistress's side. Taking another look at how undressed and slavish Dinky looked compared to the proud elf's and Impare' a uniform change was in order she thought. "My Lord a favor if I may," Narcissa asked of Harry. Deep in conversation with Ar'Ron and Draco over the pros and cons of fruiting vines in the office. He heard Narcissa ask him very formally for a favor. Turning towards where she was sitting he gave her his undivided attention. Seeing Harry turn towards her she asked. "My Lord if I may, Dinky is my house elf and I am not comfortable with his uniform as it is at present and request permission to change it." Harry blinked in surprise. "I need to make sure I know if you really know what you are asking." Sitting a little higher in her chair Narcissa replied. "Indeed my Lord. Remus filled me in last night on the history of the Impare' and even after only a few days I much prefer someone who chooses me versus one who is enslaved to me." Ar'Ron had stopped to listen to Narcissa ask her question, and was pleased at the understanding, she had taken a large leap forward. Smiling at her he nodded his approval and then went back to the conversation with Draco. Seeing Ar'Ron smile his nod of approval at her made her feel giddy with delight. Like she had confronted the most important test and passed with flying colors. Harry responded by thinking out loud. "Dobby wears the royal uniform, but in the colors of the house of Potter. So a uniform in the same style but in the house colors of the house of Black. Get with Remus later on any tips on making the transition; he seems to be making strides with Winky." "Speaking of Remus has anyone seen him since this morning?" Harry asked with some concern. "Now that I think on it he really should have been gone only a couple of hours." Ar'Ron said with some concern of his own. "If he is not back by the time we get back from Gringotts we shall go after him." Looking up at the grandfather clock by the door Harry realized it was time to go, as it was almost 1:00p.m. "Ok we will give him a couple more hours, but after that we go find him." "If you two will excuse us, we have a meeting to go to. If you need anything please ask Minky for help. In fact if you have any suggestions for us please pass them on to Minky. We should be back in time for supper, if not we will make sure to get a note to you." Ar'Ron said as he left the table and joined Harry walking out of the room. "Draco dear I am going to take Dinky with me to help unpack do you want me to ask Minky to help you?" Narcissa asked. Draco thought he would like to spend som